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Then & Now

Cambria Coast Gallery
Ebb & Flow is fortunate to call 6100 Moonstone Beach Drive home, but our location has a beautiful artistic past as well.

Here's a peek at when our space was the Cambria Coast Gallery from the 1980s to the early 1990s.

"Located at Moonstone Beach Drive and Weymouth, the gallery [had] the twin blessings of an ocean view and an impressive display of fine art. Gloria Boyd, the owner, came west from Maryland to find a quiet place to finish writing a novel. She found Cambria and fell in love with it. Through a series of events she established her gallery which [was] a major member of Cambria's art market.
While showing a number of fine local artists, Gloria gathered works of a far-ranging assortment of talents."
Today, Ebb & Flow, is grateful to be able to share this beautiful space with you.
We pay homage to our iconic beach house's history by continuing to feature local artists on our walls, while also offering cozy sweaters, books, and luscious candles that complement our unique Moonstone Beach lifestyle.
Whether you are on a California road trip via HWY 1 or on a romantic stroll on the boardwalk,
take a pause from your path and 'drift' on in!