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About the Proprietor

From the ocean to the desert, from the desert back to the ocean.

I’ve always been inspired by nature and a sense of place. 

Ebb & Flow came from an inner passion and need to be near the ocean. The space that I work and create in is as important to me as what goes in it. My spirit lights up being here, in Cambria, near the sea…

I try to make Ebb & Flow a tactile experience, distinctly different from the clutter of chain stores and internet shopping. Humbly, this mission is grounded in a personal vision, emanating from this place on Moonstone Beach, and connecting that by making the goods we sell a seamless through line to the ocean view and horizon outside our windows.

The foundation of my career has always been rooted in the fashion, design and real estate industry. This is ‘what I do’ innately to make a living. But, when this location came to me, at a time when I was actually looking to simplify, my creative energy went wild and provided an outlet for positivity and change.

I’d also become very intentional with whom and what I surround myself with.  Moonstone Beach, spoke to my soul at a crucial time of transition in my life.

I wanted to do and represent what lit me up personally. Rather than just professionally; by not creating the typical ‘safe’ business plan or tourist beach shop.

I took a risk, and answered my desires to spend my days, on the edge of life and the oceanfront. Then filled it with mutually minded vendors, designers and artists and proceeded to circle myself with a talented, dedicated and creative ‘work family’.

In this iconic house on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, in 2019 we celebrated our grand opening, and are the only retail boutique on Moonstone Beach Drive.   The space was originally a gallery, and we are proud to continue that tradition featuring some of the Central Coast’s finest artists on a rotating basis.

Fueled by the energy of this space I funneled into every square foot a vision and enthusiasm for promoting ocean culture thru women’s fashion, art, and jewelry, coupled with a heavy dose of things close to my heart - beautiful books on wellness, art, prose and poetry.   

I am fortunate that after 30 plus years in this work I’m still able to channel my passions into my profession as an independent, small business owner. Keeping local alive!

I hope you can visit soon and enjoy what you find….


Ebb & Flow, the sister boutique to Ocean Heir, had its grand opening in 2019 on Cambria’s iconic Moonstone Beach Drive. Like Ocean Heir, it features our personality and distinct design sense.  Also featured are exclusive items from Diane’s very own Cambria Candle Company  launched in 2016, and Ebb & Flow Creative photography and jewelry developed during her time spent at her summer cabin on Hinchinbrook Island, Cordova, Alaska and Cannon Beach Oregon.

Diane has also owned and operated three boutiques in Palm Springs in addition to designing homes and developing real estate.  She has a long resume of community activism.  Diane served Palm Springs as Vice President of Special Events with the local Chamber, was a board member on the City’s Economic Development Committee, was an Advisor to the College of the Desert in Retail Studies, and a founding committee member for Villagefest, to name a few of her volunteer contributions.  During this time Diane received numerous awards including from the City of Palm Springs their Small Business of the Year, Athena’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and other numerous acknowledgements pertaining to business and design.  Of note, December 2, 1998, was proclaimed Diane Matzner Day by the Mayor of Palm Springs.