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"Ebb & Flow Exhibits Oceanside Fashion and Flair" - SLO County Vistor's Guide, September 30, 2021

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Ebb & Flow Exhibits Oceanside Fashion and Flair

Located in a beach house tucked right against the stunning sands of Moonstone Beach, retail boutique Ebb & Flow welcomes visitors with an open door and the hope that the clothing, jewelry, artwork, and other materials in the store will inspire feelings of individuality and serenity.

“I was inspired to open what we like to call a fashion gallery, a fusion of seductive seaside chic apparel, ocean-inspired jewelry, books, home decor, local art and more and all that coupled with the offbeat, surf and beach culture and the unconventional.

I try to make Ebb & Flow a tactile, highly sensory experience, distinctly different from the clutter of chain stores and internet shopping. Humbly, this mission is grounded in my personal vision, emanating from this place on Moonstone Beach, and connecting that by making the goods I sell a seamless through line to the ocean view and horizon outside my windows,” says owner Diane Garrigues Matzner, who has spent the past 30 years running various boutiques in the California desert and the Central Coast, in addition to her work as an award winning designer, volunteering with city chambers and civic duty activities.

Ebb & Flow opened in 2019 and is the only boutique located on Moonstone Beach Drive. The building used to be an art gallery and Matzner keeps this feeling alive by featuring local artists on a rotating basis. In addition to supporting local vendors and designers at Ebb & Flow, visitors can admire and purchase candles from Matzner’s Cambria Candle Company, and marvel at the art produced by Ebb & Flow Creative Photography from her cabin in Alaska and time living on the Oregon coast.

“I’ve reached the conclusion that my vision for apparel retail is more akin to an art gallery. We’re more than just another shop featuring women’s fashion. Not unlike a gallerist looking to represent the best works of art, I select and exhibit the best in contemporary fashion, but also jewelry, books, local art, and more, that captures the sense of place here on Moonstone Beach,” said Matzner, who also owns Ocean Heir, another Cambria based fashion boutique which opened in 2012.

Encouraging customers to find their own individual style and use different materials to express that creativity is at the root of Ebb & Flow. Matzner description is that her “mission is not about selling things to people. It’s more than that. Rather, it’s about helping people know and to own their own way of personal expression in the world, imagining the art, clothing, books, jewelry, and more that I represent being worn, hanging in people’s homes, or complementing their home decor, makes me smile.”

Providing a soulful space for creative exploration and collaboration with local artisans is what truly makes Ebb & Flow special and makes this boutique a must visit in Cambria. Ebb & Flow is located at 6100 Moonstone Beach Dr in Cambria.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (805) 203–5538 or visit ebbandflowoceanfront.com.